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Do you like eating and sleeping and feeling cold? Now you can do it…in Skyrim!

Player Specific Immersion Mod Suggestions

When considering “immersion” (the Skyrim equivalent of overused jargon like “synergy” and “buzzword”), it can seem to be more geared towards hardcore gamers. Most of these can be tweaked (usually via MCM) to either be super intense or just a light change for those more easy-going role-players. (I am currently using Vitality and Campfire)

General World Immersion Mod Suggestions

I think sometimes we forget that there is more to immersion than just freezing/starving/thirsting/fatiguing (?) to death. And there is more!

(Some of these stretch the definition of “immersion”, but I guess the argument can be made that only un-lore-friendly or buggy mods are really “unimmersive”. Seriously, to see just how overused this buzzword is, just type in “Immersion” into the search bar on Nexus. Go on. Do it. I’ll just wait here…See what I mean?)