Body Types

Also - hair, skin, etc

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Bodyslide How-To Video

Mod Clinic #3 : BodySlide & CBBE – video by Gopher


Body Types and Related Terms/Anagrams

Warning: I haven’t really gotten into this type of modding, so this is just based off my very amateur research. Please correct me if you see anything that is incorrect!


BBP – Breast and Body Physics

BHUNP – UNP body updated by Bakafactory and Haeun (usernames)

CBBE – Caliente’s Beautiful Body Enhancement

CBBE 3BA (3BBB) – CBBE with 3 Breast Bone Body Physics

CBPC – CB Physics with Collision

COCO (3BBB) – alternative CBBE and UNP bodies with physics

HDT-PE – HydrogensaysHDT (username) Physics Extension

HDT-SMP – HDT Skinned Mesh Physics

HIMBO – Highly Improved Male Body Overhaul

SAM – Shape Atlas for Men

TBD – Touched by Dibella

UNP – Unpretend(ed)

UNPB – UNP Blessed

TBBP – Tender Breast and Body Physics

XP32 or XPMSE – Maximum Skeleton Extended (for Legendary Edition)

XPMSSE – Maximum Skeleton SpecialExtended (for Special Edition)

3BBB – 3 Breast and Butt Bones

7B – Sevenbase

Check out the Body Type Mod Category page for more information (not much more, but I will hopefully add more at some point – needs to be updated as of June 2022)

Helpful links:

Bakafactory’s Skyrim – WHAT IS HDT-PE / HDT-SMP / BBP / TBBP / 3BBB?

HIMBO Articles – while these are specific to HIMBO, they can definitely be helpful if trying to figure out how to use Bodyslide/Outfit Studio


Body Types

  • Female
    • Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- (LE|SE)
    • CBBE 3BA (3BBB) (SE)
    • UNP Female Body (LE|SE)
    • UNP Blessed Body (LE|SE)
    • BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation (SE)
    • Touched by Dibella (LE|SE)
    • 7B Sevenbase 7Base TankGirl Body (LE|SE)
  • Male
    • SAM – Shape Atlas for Men (LE) (There is this post on Reddit related to porting to SE)
    • HIMBO – Highly Improved Male Body Overhaul (SE)
    • SOS – Schlongs of Skyrim (LoversLab – NSFW…duh)
  • Physics
    • HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics) (SE)
    • CBP Physics (SE)
    • CBPC – Physics with Collisions (SE)
    • CBBE SMP (3BBB) (SE)
    • Touched by Dibella SMP (SE)


  • KS Hairdos (LE|SE)
  • KS Hairdos Lite (LE|SE)
  • KS Hairdos – HDT SMP (Physics) (LE|SE)
  • Salt and Wind – Rough Hair for KS Hairdos (SE)
  • ApachiiSkyHair (LE|SE)
  • Salt and Wind – Rough Hair for Apachii Sky Hair (LE|SE)
  • Hallgarth’s Additional (Vanilla) Hair (LE|SE)
  • Brows (LE|SE)
  • Beards (LE|SE)
  • Better Females Eyebrows – Standalone (LE|SE)
  • Beast Hair Horn and Beard – Vanilla Based – Hair Replacer for Khajiit and Argonian (SE)


  • Women of Skyrim Female Textures (LE|SE)
  • Tempered Skins for Males – Vanilla and SOS versions (LE|SE)
  • Tempered Skins for Females – UNP and Vanilla (LE|SE)
  • SkySight Skins – Ultra HD 4K 2K Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes (LE|SE)
  • Pride of Valhalla – Super HD Skin Set for UNP-UNPB-7B-CBBE (LE|SE)
  • Vitruvia – Skin Texture Overhaul for Males (LE|SE)
  • Bijin Skin for Bijin Family (LE|SE)
  • Bijin Skin UNP and CBBE (LE|SE)
  • Skin Feature Overlays (LE|SE)
  • Painterly – A High Res Vanilla Warpaint Retexture (LE)
  • Northborn Scars (LE|SE)
  • Community Overlays 1 (LE|SE)
  • Community Overlays 2 (LE|SE)
  • Community Overlays 3 (LE|SE)
  • Vanilla Makeup HD (LE|SE)
  • Weathered Nordic Bodypaints (LE|SE)
  • Female Makeup Suite (LE|SE)
  • Mild Complexions (LE|SE)
  • FAR – Forgotten Argonian Roots (LE|SE)
  • Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard) (LE|SE)
  • Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard) (LE|SE)


  • The Eyes of Beauty (LE|SE)
  • Improved Eyes Skyrim (LE|SE)
  • Kala’s Eyes (LE|SE)
  • Eye Normal Map Fix (LE|SE)
  • Horns Are Forever (Persistent Argonian Horns) (LE|SE)
  • A Dentist for Orsimers – HD Teeth Retexture (LE|SE)
  • A Smile HD by Mari (LE|SE)

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