Do you like eating and sleeping and feeling cold? Now you can do Skyrim!

Player Specific Immersion Mod Suggestions

When considering “immersion” (the Skyrim equivalent of overused jargon like “synergy” and “buzzword”), it can seem to be more geared towards hardcore gamers. Most of these can be tweaked (usually via MCM) to either be super intense or just a light change for those more easy-going role-players. (I am currently using Vitality and Campfire)

  • Immersive HUD – iHUD (LE|SE)
  • YOT – Your Own Thoughts – First Person Messages (LE|SE)
  • Frostfall (LE|SE)
  • The Frozen North – Minimalistic survival overhaul (SE)
  • Campfire (LE|SE)
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases (LE|SE)
  • INeed (LE|SE)
  • Vitality (LE|SE)
  • Wet and Cold (LE|SE)
  • R.A.S.S. Rain Ash And Snow Shaders – Wet Frost Cold Dust (LE|SE)
  • Hunterborn (LE|SE)
  • Keep it Clean (SE)
  • Simply Knock (LE|SE)
  • Khajiit Speak – Complete Dialogue Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Helps to Have a Map (SE)
  • Skyrim Reputation (LE|SE)
  • Pumping Iron – Dynamic Muscle Growth (LE|SE)
  • Player Headtracking (LE|SE)
  • Dirt and Blood – Dynamic Visual Effects (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Bookreading and Lockpicking (SE)
  • People are Strangers (LE|SE)
  • Undiscovered Means Unknown – Map Markers (SE)
  • I’m a Customer Dammit (LE|SE)
  • More Immersive Activations (SkyRem – MIA) (SE)

General World Immersion Mod Suggestions

I think sometimes we forget that there is more to immersion than just freezing/starving/thirsting/fatiguing (?) to death. And there is more!

(Some of these stretch the definition of “immersion”, but I guess the argument can be made that only un-lore-friendly or buggy mods are really “unimmersive”. Seriously, to see just how overused this buzzword is, just type in “Immersion” into the search bar on Nexus. Go on. Do it. I’ll just wait here………………………See what I mean?)

  • Immersive Patrols (LE|SE)
  • Immersive World Encounters (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • AI Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Tavern AI Fix (LE|SE)
  • Ask Innkeepers To Show Room (LE|SE)
  • Bandolier – Bags and Pouches (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Horses (LE|SE)
  • Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul) (LE|SE)
  • Skyrim Wayshrines – Immersive Fast Travel – SWIFT (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Laundry (LE|SE)
  • Spellsiphon – Immersive Combat (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Hold Borders (LE|SE)
  • Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons (LE|SE)
  • Realistic Lighting Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Enhanced Lights and FX (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Music (LE|SE)
  • Immersive Sounds – Compendium (LE|SE)
  • Provincial Courier Service (LE|SE)
  • Point the Way (LE|SE)
  • Run For Your Lives (LE|SE)
  • RE – Real Estate (LE|SE)
  • Guards Armor Replacer (LE|SE)
  • Misc Dialogue Edits (LE|SE)
  • More Dialogue Edits (LE|SE)
  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO (LE|SE)
  • Footprints (LE|SE)

Please remember to endorse any mods you download and like, and if you appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a mod, consider giving kudos to the author on Nexus as well (the Give Kudos button can be found on the user’s page).