Mods that could fit in many categories or none of them

Mod Suggestions

I tried really hard not to have this category, but gave up in the end, because it is more important that you know these exist than for me to force them into another category that they don’t fit into (or because they fit into too many categories, in which case I often still added them to those categories as well).

  • Take Notes – Journal of the Dragonborn (LE|SE)
  • Northern Encounters (LE|SE)
  • Opulent Thieves Guild (LE|SE)
  • Dragon Wall Wisdom – Readable Dragon Walls (LE|SE)
  • Become a Bard (LE|SE)
  • Hunting in Skyrim – A Hunting Guild (LE|SE)
  • Hunterborn (LE|SE)
  • Lawbringer (LE|SE)
  • Public Executions (LE|SE)
  • Skyrim Fishing (LE|SE)
  • Tavern Games – Mini Games in Skyrim (LE|SE)
  • Achieve That (LE|SE)
  • Indie Music Mod (LE|SE)
  • Predator Vision – Night Eye and Thermal Vision Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Enhanced Blood Textures (LE|SE)
  • Toxin Doctor Outfit – Mihail Armors and Clothes (LE|SE) (Seems fitting for 2020)

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