Textures and Graphics

Don't forget Skyrim came out nearly a decade ago...

I would be shocked if there was a single item in Skyrim that doesn’t have a new texture/mesh/model/etc (or 50) provided by mods. Some of these target one specific thing, while many are collections. A few things to keep in mind:

If you have multiple mods that add textures/meshes/models/etc to something, whichever “wins” the conflict will show up in game. (This is really where loose and packed BSAs matter because loose always win over packed.)

If you have a lower end computer, you may want to consider choosing lower res options (1K and 2K) instead of the high res options (4K and 8K). Things that you see often and are larger (like mountains) deserve higher res, but things like bees and potatoes, I suggest maybe considering 1K/2K. Unless you really want to have high res bees. Or you have a top tier computer.

There are WAY more mods out there than listed below. These are just most of the ones that I use or have used. 

The following will not be found on this page because they have been included in their own mod category page:



Grass and Trees



Weapons and Armor

General Mod Suggestions

  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM (LE|SE)
  • Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K (LE|SE)
  • High Poly Project (LE|SE)
  • Misc Retexture Project (SE)
  • Skyrim 2018 by Pfuscher (SE)
  • Skyrim 2019 (LE|SE)
  • Skyrim 2020 Parallax by Pfuscher (SE)
  • MystiriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul (SE)
  • Forgotten Retex Project (LE|SE)
  • Realistic HD Food Remastered (LE|SE)
  • Embers HD (LE|SE)
  • Embers XD (SE)
  • Smoking Torches and Candles (LE|SE)
  • Dressed Hearthfire Doll (LE|SE)
  • Gemling Queen Jewelry (LE|SE)
  • Ennead – Banners (SE)
  • Book Covers Skyrim (LE|SE)
  • Ruins Clutter Improved (LE|SE)
  • Gecko’s Dwarven Ruins Textures (LE|SE)
  • Glorious Dwarven Metal (LE|LE|SE)
  • Fences of Skyrim – No More Flickering Fences (LE|SE)
  • White Phial Replacer (LE|SE)
  • LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Talos Statue with Greatsword (LE|SE)
  • Horncandles (LE|SE)
  • Joy of Ships (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Markarth – The White City Redux (LE|SE)
  • Spice of Life – Orc Strongholds (LE|SE)
  • 4K Hagraven House (SE)
  • 2K Imperial Tents Retexture (SE)
  • Cloaks of the Nords (LE|SE)
  • Designs of the Nords (LE|SE)
  • Sigils of Skyrim (SE)
  • Cloaks of Skyrim HD (SE)
  • HD Road Signs – 2K and 4K (SE)
  • Basic Dining Set Replacer (LE|SE)
  • Metallurgy – Ingots Ore and Veins HD (LE|SE)
  • Notice Board Redefined – New Meshes and Textures (LE)
  • LeanWolf’s Improved Enchanter Candle Meshes (LE|SE)
  • Renthal Nettle (SE)
  • Renthal’s Waterwheel (SE)
  • Renthal’s Workbench (SE)
  • Renthal’s Tanning Rack (SE)
  • Glorious Doors of Skyrim (GDOS) (LE|SE)
  • Better than Nando’s (SE)

Mods by Specific Authors

These authors have put out some seriously amazing retexture mods that I always use at least a few from each in my playthroughs (And for those that are still producing new content, I also track these mod authors so I can see what new stuff they come out with!):


  • CC’s Castle Volkihar Reborn (SE)
  • CC’s Enhanced Ore Veins (LE|SE)
  • CC’s Fort Dawnguard Reborn (SE)
  • CC’s HD Daedric Weapons and Armor (SE)
  • CC’s HD Dwemer Automatons – Remastered (SE)
  • CC’s HD Dwemer Weapons and Armor (SE)
  • CC’s HQ Alduin’s Wall (SE)
  • CC’s HQ Barset (SE)
  • CC’s HQ Caves (SE)
  • CC’s HQ Fort Dawnguard (SE)
  • CC’s HQ Guard Shields (LE|SE)
  • CC’s HQ Mines Redone (SE)
  • CC’s HQ Roadsigns (LE|SE)
  • CC’s UHD Stalhrim Weapons and Armor (SE)


  • ElSopa – Animated Celtic Icons for SkyUI (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Animated Colored SkyUI Widgets (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Big Backpack HD (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Campfire HD (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Carved Gildergreen HD (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Glorious HD Amulets (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Noble Furniture HD (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa – Papers HD (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa HD – Farmhouses (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa HD – Meridias Beacon (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa HD – Realistic Dark Elf Urns (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa HD – Small Compilation Pack (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa HD – Unique Hand Made Signs Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • ElSopa HD – Unique Hand Painted Road Signs (LE|SE)
  • SkyUI Longer Favorites Menu (LE|SE)
  • SkyUI The Adventurer Theme Mod (LE|SE)
  • SkyUI Widgets Animated Black and White (LE|SE)
  • Smaller Vanilla Cursors (LE|SE)


  • Ethereal Clouds (LE|SE)
  • Ethereal Cosmos (LE|SE)
  • Peltapalooza (LE|SE)
  • Rugnarok (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Amulets (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Armor and Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Azura’s Star (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Clothing (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Clutter Collection (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Cooking (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Daedra (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Dragon Corpse (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Dragons (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Elderscroll (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Forsworn (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Frostbite Spider (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Furniture (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Mountains (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Soulgems (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Spriggan (LE|SE)
  • Rustic Windows (LE|SE)


  • Granite Hill (SE)
  • Granite Mountains (SE)
  • Sacred Trees (SE)
  • Skyland – A Landscape Texture Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Skyland – Imperial Forts and Dungeons (LE|SE)
  • Skyland – Ships and Shacks (SE)
  • Skyland – Solitude (SE)
  • Skyland – Towns and Villages (SE)
  • Skyland – Winterhold (LE|SE)
  • Skyland AIO (SE)
  • Skyland HD Road Signs (SE)
  • Skyland Markarth (SE)
  • Skyland Nordic Ruins (LE|SE)
  • Skyland Riften (LE|SE)
  • Skyland Whiterun (LE|SE)


  • Daggerkiin (LE|SE)
  • JS Armored Circlets (LE|SE)
  • JS Barenziah (LE|SE)
  • JS Dragon Claws (LE|SE)
  • JS Lockpicking UI (LE|SE)
  • JS Purses and Septims (LE|SE)
  • JS Shrines of the Divines (LE|SE)


  • 4K HQ Cowhide Yeehaw (SE)
  • 8K Nordic Mountains (SE)
  • Caves HQ (SE)
  • HQ Cozy Farmhouses (SE)
  • HQ Solitude (SE)
  • MD’s Farmhouses (SE)
  • MD’s Photoreal Mines (SE)
  • MystiriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul (SE)
  • Nordic Coast (LE|SE)
  • Pondfish – HD (SE)
  • Riften in High Definition (SE)
  • Scrumptious Stew HD (SE)
  • The Streets of Whiterun in HD (SE)
  • Tree Bark in High Definition (SE)


I’m sad to say that this talented mod author passed away in January 2020, but his work will continue to bring joy to many modders for years to come. Check out the very nice message his grandson has added to the About Me page. And thank you to Shad0wAng3l09 for porting many of his mods to SE!


  • Rudy ENB for Vanilla Skyrim – NLVA – NLA – COT – URWL – ELFX (LE)
  • Rudy ENB SE for Cathedral Weathers (SE)
  • Rudy ENB SE for CoT – NAT – Aequinoctium – Vivid – Rustic – Obsidian – Dolomite Weathers – ELE – ELFX – RLO (SE)
  • Rudy HQ – Falling Leaves and Needles (LE|SE)
  • Rudy HQ – Hay (LE|SE)
  • Rudy HQ – Miscellaneous (LE|SE)
  • Rudy HQ – Nordic Ruins (LE|SE)
  • Rudy HQ – Standing Stones (LE|SE)


  • Lanterns of Skyrim II (SE)
  • Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes (SE)
  • Tamriel Master Lights (SE)
  • WiZkiD Carriages (SE)
  • WiZkiD Parallax Farmhouses (SE)
  • WiZkiD Patches Compendium (SE)
  • WiZkiD Signs (LE|SE

Please remember to endorse any mods you download and like, and if you appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a mod, consider giving kudos to the author on Nexus as well (the Give Kudos button can be found on the user’s page).