Weapons and Armor

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Mod Suggestions

There are more weapon and armor mods out there than any other category, so this is just a small portion of them. In fact, this is basically a list that I have used (and liked) or am currently trying out in my playthrough. It will quickly become obvious that there are some pretty glaring omissions (…rhymes with shimmersive…) because I don’t personally like the two mods.

This will definitely grow as I try more mods.

  • AMidianBorn Book of Silence (LE|SE)
  • AMidianBorn Content Addon (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Shrouded Armor (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale – Armor and Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Armoury of Tamriel V2.0 (LE|SE)
  • Gigaduex’s Armor Sets (LE|SE)
  • Reliquary of Myth – Artifact Overhaul (LE|SE)
  • Zim’s Immersive Artifacts (LE|SE)
  • Royal Armory – New Artifacts (LE|SE)
  • Dawnguard Arsenal (LE|SE)
  • Kthonia’s Unique Weapon Pack – Dragonborn Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Oblivion Artifact Pack (SE)
  • Artifacts of Skyrim (LE|SE)
  • Konahrik’s Accoutrements (LE|SE)
  • Legendary Skyrim Crossbows and Bows (LE|SE)
  • DX Daughter of the Sea Armor – UNP CBBE (LE|SE)
  • DX Witcher Armor – UNP (LE|SE)
  • DX Druid Armor – UNP (LE|SE)
  • DX Gwelda Vampire Outfit – UNP (SE)
  • DX Tembtra Thief Outfit – UNP (LE|SE)
  • DX Faction Crossbows (LE|SE)
  • Lore Weapon Expansion (LE|SE)
  • Unique Uniques (LE|SE)
  • Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon (LE|SE
  • Believable Weapons (LE|SE
  • LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons (LE|SE)
  • Artifacts – The Tournament of the ten Bloods (LE|SE)
  • Jaysus Swords (LE|SE)
  • Heavy Armory – New Weapons (LE|SE)
  • NordWarUA’s Vanilla Armor and Weapon Expansion – Standalone Plugin (SE)
  • Guards Armor Replacer (LE|SE)
  • Scorched Dragonbone Weapons (and some armor) (SE)
  • Wayfarer’s Coat (LE|SE)
  • Kynreeve Armor (LE|SE)
  • Treasure Hunter’s Garb – Light Armor Mashup (LE|SE) (This, or something similar, is included in LOTD, so I don’t usually have this installed, but I do love it!)
  • A Girl Has Armor (LE|SE)
  • Triss Armor Retextured (LE|SE)
  • The Witcher 3 Female Armours (LE|SE)
  • The Fancy Witch Armour (Witcher 3 recolour) (LE|SE)
  • zzjay’s Wardrobe (LE|SE)
  • Ghorzas Armory (SE)
  • ESO Altmer Armor by NewerMind43 (LE|SE)
  • ESO Altmer Armor by NewerMind43 HDT SMP (LE|SE)
  • Apachii Divine Elegance Store (LE|SE) (I don’t like everything in here…looking at you cowboy/wizard/peacock/etc outfits…but I do LOVE quite a few of them, so I always add it)

Please remember to endorse any mods you download and like, and if you appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a mod, consider giving kudos to the author on Nexus as well (the Give Kudos button can be found on the user’s page).