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There’s no place like home…

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Player homes are my jam (mmm…snowberry jam). I love a wide variety of options and exploring new homes. Some of these are tiny first apartments and some are essentially a castle. Some of these are walk into and own for free, and others require completing a quest, cleaning/building, or a small fortune. Between this and mods like Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (LE|SE), you are closer than ever to Sims: Skyrim edition. But seriously, whatever RP style you prefer and whatever character you create, there is most likely a home for you! 

If you are like me and lose immersion when entering a brand new home that you just got for free (!), there are some options. You can try Estate Agents (LE|SE) (by Fallhammer and Fe4therstone) for non-specific deeds that you can purchase. Want a home-specific option? For a few of the homes mentioned below there are already patches created (by elr0y7). For the rest, elr0y7 helpfully linked to where you can learn how to do this by watching DarkFox127’s video: Creation Kit Tutorial (Merchants Sell Keys).

When I first fell in love with player homes, I found this awesome list of lists by u/TeaMistress.