I have a list that is a very confusing jumble of ideas that I want to write about/add to this site, but they don’t really FIT anywhere. These are ideas for specific playthroughs, lists of mods that fit certain themes, longer reviews of particular mods, and thoughts on modding in general. So, welcome to the sort of “blog” part of the site, where you’ll find less objective content and more subjective content (mostly Skyrim and modding related…mostly). HERE BE MONSTERS. Not really, but actually HERE BE OPINIONS and, more often, really random word vomit. Feel free to skip to the actual content of the site, but if you like a (hopefully) entertaining read, please do check some of these out. If you have a request for a future topic, let me know!

Mod Authors

There are a number of names that are well known related to modding Skyrim, and love them or hate them, they are famous/infamous for a reason. Some of these have contributed a few mods, and some have contributed dozens or more. They range in category, scope, and longevity. Mention these names on Reddit or Discord and some will garner compliments and normal discussion, but others will draw out the very opinionated.

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Please remember to endorse any mods you download and like, and if you appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a mod, consider giving kudos to the author on Nexus as well (the Give Kudos button can be found on the user’s page).