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FNIS was the only option in town for awhile, but Nemesis expanded on the theme, and now Dynamic Animation Replacer has completely changed the game. Just make sure that the mods that YOU want to use work with whichever you decide on. However, don’t assume that just because a mod description says that it requires FNIS that it won’t work with Nemesis; often that “requirement” was added when the only option was FNIS. So check around and see if others have been able to make it work, by reading the posts section on the mod page and searching Google/Reddit. (For those curious - I currently use Nemesis and DAR.)

Mod Suggestions

These range from general gameplay to combat, to a few other random things. I am an animation newbie myself, so this section will surely expand as I learn and try more. Keep in mind that if you are so inclined, there is a whole crazy, kinky, sexy world of animations out there for you to explore.

DAR Section

The beauty of Dynamic Animation Replacer is the simplicity. This is just a small assortment of the mods that use DAR.

1st Person Dagger Stab with DAR
2HSpecialAttackMod - Combat - Animation
Acrobatic Dodge Animation for TK Dodge and CGO dodge (DAR)
Animated Armoury - DAR Version - New Weapons with animations
Animated Heavy Armory - DAR version with enchantments animations and patches
Animated Inebriation
Armor Type Specific Animations
Artifact Animation Replacer - Wabbajack
Attack Animations and Movesets
Attack Behavior Revamp
Bloodskal Blade Fix but with Animation Way - DAR
Bow Animations
Bow Rapid Combo I Archer Combat Overhaul
Carry Your Carcasses With Animation
CIWM - Custom Idle WheelMenu SE
Cold Region Behavior - Beta Test
Conditional Armor Type Animations
Conditional tavern cheering (DAR)
cookeh's conditional and random animations - CCARA DAR
Crossbow Animations.
Dagger Unequip Animation DAR
DAR - Dynamic Swimming
Distance Based Combat
Diverse Random Normal Attack
Dodge Animation for CGO
Double Bed Spooning - DAR
Dragon Animation Replacer with DAR integration
Drunk animations
Dynamic Casting Animations
Dynamic Combat Animations
Dynamic Sitting Idles
Eating Animations and Sounds SE
EVG Animation Variance
EVG Conditional Idles
Faster Mining Animation (DAR)
Faster Woodcutting Animation (DAR)
First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS
Gesture Animation Remix (DAR)
Go To Bed - DAR patch
Hand to Hand Blocking Animation
Here to Help - Tend to the Sick and Wounded
I'm Glad You're Here - a follower and spouse appreciation mod - SSE
Immersive Diving Animation
Immersive folded hands (DAR)
Immersive Interactions - Animated Actions
Immersive sprint animations SE
Injured Animations Dynamic Replacer SE
Jarl Sitting Animation Replacer
Jump Behavior Overhaul
Knockout and Surrender - Non-Lethal Pacifist yielding options
Large Stagger Animation
Leaps of Faith - A Misc Quest
Lively Children Animations (DAR)
Movement Behavior Overhaul
New Draugr Unarmed Attack Animation
Notch Arrows in Combat Only
NPC Animation Remix (DAR)
Pet The Dog - Animations
Rally to me - War Banner
Random first person magic animation SSE with DAR
Random Prayer Animation
Runeblade - Spellsword Idle SE
Sassy Vampire - Bow Animations for Archery Gameplay Overhaul
Sassy Vampire - Non Combat Animations
Sassy Vampire - Two Handed animations (without attacks)
Sassy Vampire - Two Handed Magic in the off hand
Simple Sprint and Sneak Dodge Animation Replacer
Sit Crosslegged SE
Sky Idles
Sky Sprint SE
Skyrim's Paraglider
Sleeping Expanded - Animations and NPC reactions
Smooth Bow Animation - Sniper Stance
Smooth Combat non Combat Animation
Smooth Combo Animation Framework Fix
Smooth DAR Combat Dodge - Animation Replacer Addon
Smooth Magic Casting Animation
Smooth Random Blocking Animation 3.0
Smooth Random Equip Animation(1H)
Smooth Random Equip Animation(2H)
Smooth Random Equip Animation(Dagger)
Smooth Random Equip Animation(Unarmed)
Smooth Random Jump Animation
Smooth Random Magic idle Animation
Smooth Random Sprint Animation
Smooth Slip Dodge Animation
Smooth Staff Animation
Smooth TK Dodge Attack
Sneak Animations.
Snuggly Vanilla Laydown Idles - DAR Variance
Sorcerer Combat Animation
Stances - Dynamic Animation Sets
Stances based animations for 1st person combat
Stay In Shape - A Pumping Iron Addon
Subtle Jump
Swimming Animations.
Sword and Shield Moveset
Take a Peek - New Stealth Mechanic
Take a Seat - New DAR Sitting Animations
The Ultimate Sit Animation
The Ultimate Sit Animation - Men's Edition
There Is No Umbra - Chapter II
Thu'um - Fully Animated Shouts
TK Dodge SE - TDM custom compatible patch
Totally Immersive Male Idles - DAR
Two Handed Sword Animation
Unarmed Fighter Animations
Unbearable Taunt Animation
UNDERDOG - Animations
Vanargand Animations - Crossbows
Vanargand Animations - Dual Wield Sneak Strikes
Vanargand Animations - Dual Wield Sneak Thrusts
Vanargand Animations - SkySA Mace Moveset
Vanargand Animations - Sneak Archery
Vanargand Animations - Sneak Crossbows
Vanargand Animations - Sneak idle walk and run
Vanargand Animations - Sneak Strike Attacks
Vanargand Animations - Sneak Thrust Attacks
Vanargand Animations - Sword Dual Wield SkySA Moveset
Vanguard - Bash Behaviors Overhaul
Vitrium - Spells and Tools Pack
Walk With Elegance - Dynamic animations for heels long dresses and more
Weapon Exhaustion (An Animation Replacer)
Weapon Type Specific Animations(DAR)
Werewolf Howl Adjustment