Community Contributions

When the idea for this website started bubbling up in my brain, I imagined a space where many would contribute to the resources of this "almanac". While I wanted to avoid another forum (since there are already so many subreddits, and discords, and forums like on S.T.E.P. and the Nexus), I was hoping that some of the mod authors, mod users, guide creators, and others with general knowledge and opinions, would come forward with reviews and lists and tutorials. And it is finally starting to happen, which I think is incredibly exciting! In addition, I thought I would also add some of the other main resources that are off-site but mentioned in many places throughout this website. So please check out the links below, and if you too want to add your own contribution, please reach out via Discord!

Enthusiastic List of Main Mod Authors

zinghunt (u/nano1002)

As is often the case with comment sections on r/skyrimmods, I got to talking with community members and in this case, with zinghunt about a list they were working on of mod authors. They were kind enough to send it my way and after looking through it, I thought it would be a great addition to the site!
Enthusiastic List of Main Mod Authors

Learning to Mod

Livelynightmare (u/Livelynightmare) (and others)

I only recently learned about this series of "modding lessons" and I am not exaggerating when I say that their helpfulness to beginners is immeasurable. Lively, and others such as ForgottenGlory, Althro, Wartortle, and Cacophony, have written up lessons on all kinds of tools and processes. New to xEdit and not sure how to go about resolving conflicts? There's a lesson for you. Trying to figure out how to use DynDOLOD? There's a lesson for you. Wondering if you should ESL-ify some of your mods in order to make space for ALL THE MODS? There's a lesson for you, too. Seriously, I don't know that I would have created this website if I had something like this when I first started.
Learn to Mod

Modding Resources

Althro - The Animonculory

There are some fantastic articles here, including:
DynDOLOD 3.0
ENB Tips
NPC FaceGen Recreation in the Creation Kit
Stock Game Setup for Skyrim SE/AE

Althro and team have some great and very helpful advice in this repository (not to mention they have helped me and others out on the Modding Skyrim discord numerous times!)
Modding Resources

Skyrim New Lands Mod Mega Tutorial

Jonx0r (u/ProbablyJonx0r)

So you know that amazing new world mod Wyrmstooth? Yeah, the creator of that wrote up this textbook of a tutorial that is incredibly detailed and makes me want to jump in with some of the many ideas in my head that I definitely don't have time to develop! (But at least now I have a resource if I ever do have time!)
Skyrim New Lands Mod Mega Tutorial

xEdit: A Basic Overview of Important Record Types

JoeMan3247 (u/Averagejoe9123)

Another really great resource that came about because of a question asked on r/skyrimmods; this is a quick summary of record types for those that want to dive into xEdit (which should be every modder....).
xEdit: A Basic Overview of Important Record Types