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If the Doctor has companions, why shouldn’t the Dragonborn?

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When I first started playing Skyrim (Vanilla on the Nintendo Switch), I NEVER used any followers. I think it seemed “cheaty” to me; like I wasn’t doing everything all on my own, so how could I call myself “The Dragonborn”? That was rather stupid reasoning, but to be fair, the Vanilla followers are honestly more annoying than helpful (in my opinion). However, when I first played a modded game and added Inigo and Lucien, my mind was forever changed. I now usually have a posse of at least 2-3 and sometimes 5-6. Whenever I lose them or leave them behind, especially in the frigid northern regions, I literally feel lonely and as if I am missing something dear to me. My current base team is Inigo, Lucien, and Kaidan (Ranged, Mage, and Melee) and I add in others whenever the fancy strikes: Auri, Sofia, Recorder, Rumarin, Callen, etc. (Those last two are from Interesting NPCs). (I will undoubtedly add more to the below, both as I try new followers, and as I have more “reviews” to add - thank you to u/featherstonest for the many awesome reviews that help me find new followers to try!)