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Mod Suggestions

Because we have such an amazing modding community, your options for HUD and UI are quite varied. 

Do you want to be TOTALLY IMMERSED and not see any information on your screen to detract from the world you have created? You can do that! You can even keep that immersion going with paper maps and other such things.

Do you want to know where you are and where you are going without looking at road signs? Do you want to know if you are about to die from hypothermia or hunger? Do you want to know how much time is left on that potion that helps you breath underwater and increases your flame resistance (seems redundant to me, but what ever floats your boat)? AND do you want those widgets to be colorful or animated? Look at all those mods!

Do you wish you were playing another game, but in Skyrim? We even have mods for that!