Must. Find. All. The. Cheese.

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Mod Suggestions

Don’t believe me when I say that there is a mod for every type of person? This category proves it. Not only are there mods that add treasure chests to all kinds of random places, but mods that change what you find in those chests, both increasing the quantity, quality, variety, etc. AND there are mods that decrease what you find in those chests to the point where you question when you became a Masochist since all that was in that chest at the end of that crazy long dungeon and crazy hard boss (because you also added ultra hard combat and enemy revamping mods): 2 septims and an iron dagger. There are mods that are somewhere in between, as well.

Also, there are more collectable mods than you can shake your collection of sticks at (collecting sticks, you weirdo…now back to my cheese collection). I included some weapon/armor mods because they seem more like gotta-collect-em-all to me, but if you don’t play like that…you can ignore them and wait until the Weapons and Armor page since THAT’S WHERE THEY BELONG! (please stop yelling, sir)