Mod Organizer 2

Mod Organizer 2 - the mod manager that I, and many others, prefer to use. There are other options out there, such as Vortex, but I am most knowledgable about MO2. I will try and provide a similar page to this for Vortex at some point in the future.

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Mod Organizer 2 has a lot going for it out-of-the-box, but some really awesome people have made some plugins for it that extend its functionality. These are the plugins I am aware of (and use most, if not all, of), but there could be more out there! And who knows what super cool plugins will be created in the future. (It feels like everytime I update this site, it’s already outdated lol, but I am not complaining! I love the constant growth this community goes through!)

Kezyma’s plugins are a great place to start:

Other great plugins: