What year is it?

Checking in after a few months of insanity…

Oh hi! 

It’s been a while; how have you been? 

Things have been slightly…bonkers…for the past few months…I am honestly rarely sure what day it is, much less what month…Is it still January? No, but seriously…just tell me that 2020 is over…

After spending much of the summer (and by “much” I mean usually 6, 7, 8 hours a day…and often double that on weekends…) working on it, this site went live on August 31st. And I promptly fell off the face of the earth. I apologize that things died down, as I had intended on doing more upkeep, adding new mods and posts, and ideally growing the site and community. To be honest, it was a perfect storm of being burned out on modding, some minor health problems, and getting a new (and significantly harder and more time-consuming) position at work. I didn’t have the energy for much, especially not working on a modlist or the website. I ended up getting really into Elder Scrolls Online (because I couldn’t abandon Tamriel altogether), mostly because I could actual PLAY instead of spending more time in xEdit or the Creation Kit. (Side note: it did not take me long to start using add-ons, which as my husband pointed out, is essentially just mods for ESO. And he is not entirely wrong, but they are WAY less work.)

I kept planning on working on the website at the very least, even if I wasn’t tinkering around with Mod Organizer, and I did have quite a few ideas percolating for posts and some other fun stuff. I tried to keep up a bit with what was new on the Nexus and on the subreddit, but I was no longer browsing both multiple times a day. It did not help that the few times I did start to read a comment thread or two, there just seemed to be quite a lot of negativity from many sides: mod authors, mod users, modlist creators, and the sitcom audience. Maybe it was just that I wasn’t in the middle of my modding/Skyrim obsession. Maybe it was because I had started to get into the ESO community, which I have found to be overwhelmingly positive (for the most part), especially for an MMO (so I hear; I had never played one before picking it up). Maybe it was the culmination of a pretty sucky year and everyone was just not really on their best behavior. No matter the reason, I took a much-needed break from all things Modding Skyrim.

But I am back! I got hit with a big ol’ wave of nostalgia a few weeks ago (which isn’t coincidental since that was nearly the exact date I started playing Skyrim for the first time ever a year ago). It was time to return and I have been quite motivated since to rework some of the website’s existing pages, add some new content, publish weekly posts, and more!

It is truly astonishing how much has happened in the modding community since I went AFK in September/October. We are talking about a span of a few months and for a video game that came out a decade ago (!!!). There is a brand-new tool called Synthesis that I am just starting to look into. There were over 3600 mods (for LE and SE) released on the Nexus in November – January. That is not including all the updates to already existing mods that came out in the same time period, or mods uploaded to other sites! More work is being done regularly on the Beyond Skyrim project, not to mention the other big scope projects like Skyblivion and Odyssey of the Dragonborn. Wabbajack is more popular than ever with new lists added regularly. Anyone that says that Skyrim modding is dead has no idea what they are talking about. So, if I had more to add before my break, you can imagine all that I want to cover after diving back in.

To help with the motivation, I should be done moving into my new home office by this time next week, with a brand-new, much larger desk that can fit all my computers and monitors. With moving into a less cramped space, I am also going to dust off my old computer (*cough* potato laptop *cough*) that I started modding Skyrim LE on back in early 2020. My plan is to use it as a comparison so that I can have a deeper understanding of what will and will not work on a broader range of computers, all the better to help the community with their questions.

Here are a few of the changes I have already made and the upcoming game plan (I hope you are all excited and as always, I really really really want input from you guys, so please join the Discord and send me any and all suggestions!):

Finished Updates:

In Progress Updates:

Game Plan for Future Additions:

“…but the true joy of exploration is in the discovery, and so I leave the rest to you…”

~An Explorer’s Guide to Skyrim