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Very detailed, if older, tutorials; Gopher not only has a voice that I could and do listen to for hours, but chances are if you have a question on something it is mentioned somewhere in one of his videos. He also does Let’s Plays for those interested. (Not going to lie, I put on the playlists below as I work on my modlist, almost as background “music” at this point)

I recently had Dirty Weasel Media suggested to me, so it is a resource that I have not explored much yet, but they seem to have a lot of videos on a wide range of topics. I’ll check these out and will update with more specifics as I have time.

I will be starting with this playlist – Skyrim Special Edition Modding

Fairly up-to-date and descriptive; I have found the AI Cave videos helpful when looking for additional information about the modding process in general (the titles are a bit “click-bait-y”; the actual information is very useful, but often seemed unrelated)

Skyrim SE 2019 Modding Guide

Tapioks has a Skyrim ENB Effect Demonstrations playlist that shows comparison clips of various visual effects turned on and off. Also, the music is super relaxing.

For information on installing and using the Creation KitDarkFox127 is the one that I have seen mentioned time and time again. I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to watching more of these videos!

Phaedrathallassa has a great series on mod installation with a variety of mod managers.

Katnerd has a few videos about creating patches for NPC Overhauls

Brodual was recently suggested to me, so haven’t watched many videos yet: Mod reviews (split out by category and the more recent seem to be Immersion themed)

Some Recent Videos:

MxR has two channels, MxR Mods has Mod reviews and MxR Plays has Let’s Plays (one of the longest running mod reviewers; can get quite humorously raunchy)

Also, potasticpanda (AKA the creator/voice of Recorder) is his girlfriend and is often featured on his videos

Some Recent Videos:

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