YouTube Links

I’ll be continually adding to this; I have a lot of YouTubers to check out from all of your wonderful suggestions on my post on Reddit!

Tools and Tutorials and Topics

Very detailed, if older, tutorials; Gopher not only has a voice that I could and do listen to for hours, but chances are if you have a question on something it is mentioned somewhere in one of his videos. He also does Let’s Plays for those interested. (Not going to lie, I put on the playlists below as I work on my modlist, almost as background “music” at this point)

Skyrim Scripting – this is not really a YouTube channel for casual modders, but for those looking to get into creating mods or more in-depth mod tweaking, there are so many helpful videos here (these are just a few of the playlists available):

I recently had Dirty Weasel Media suggested to me, so it is a resource that I have not explored much yet, but they seem to have a lot of videos on a wide range of topics. I’ll check these out and will update with more specifics as I have time.

I will be starting with this playlist – Skyrim Special Edition Modding

Fairly up-to-date and descriptive; I have found the AI Cave videos helpful when looking for additional information about the modding process in general (the titles are a bit “click-bait-y”; the actual information is very useful, but often seemed unrelated)

Skyrim SE 2019 Modding Guide

Tapioks has a Skyrim ENB Effect Demonstrations playlist that shows comparison clips of various visual effects turned on and off. Also, the music is super relaxing.

For information on installing and using the Creation KitDarkFox127 is the one that I have seen mentioned time and time again. I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to watching more of these videos!

Phaedrathallassa has a great series on mod installation with a variety of mod managers.

Katnerd has a few videos about creating patches for NPC Overhauls

The SirJesto Podcast is a channel I didn’t realize existed until my Reddit post asking for suggested YouTube channels. If you don’t recognize the name, SirJesto has been involved with the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod (they uploaded the official patches, among other things). This podcast, which I have barely started to listen/watch these, but I look forward to doing so:

Mod Showcases and Reviews

Brodual was recently suggested to me, so haven’t watched many videos yet: Mod reviews (split out by category and the more recent seem to be Immersion themed)

Some Recent Videos:

Zero Period Productions is a channel where George does playthroughs of specific mods, among other things. There are a couple of ways that I imagine these videos would be helpful to watchers. Some people, like me, may just like to have Skyrim-related videos playing in the background while they work (although I should specify that I don’t watch any for mods I plan on playing at some point for fear of spoilers, but there are a lot of mods I have played through before or don’t really have any desire to play). Some people may not care about spoilers and want to know what they are getting into before downloading a mod. Others may have played already and want to watch for some nostalgia. And still others may be stuck at some point in a quest mod and are looking for guidance for moving on. Whichever reason (or maybe there are others I didn’t mention!), these are fun and entertaining and thorough playthroughs. I often find myself riveted in a fight sequence or laughing out loud at the commentary that George adds. Here are some of the playthroughs I have watched part or all of:

  • Skyrim Modded Playthrough – Special Edition – just a “regular” modded playthrough; not one mod in particular; still ongoing
  • Rigmor of Bruma (Reboot) – I never really had the desire to play this, but wanted to see what it was all about; very entertaining to watch someone else play, but I would definitely not be interested in playing myself
  • Skyrim Mods: Falskaar – I played through this once and maybe will again, but it hasn’t aged super well; still fun to watch someone else play
  • Skyrim Mods: Maelstrom – I played through this once and definitely will again (in my current modlist); a great one to play or watch someone else play
  • Skyrim Mods: Legacy of the Dragonborn (Special Edition) – I am a self-proclaimed not-so-recovering hoarder and an unabashed lover of LOTD, but I have only watched a few videos from this list because I don’t want anything spoiled and I have yet to finish (is that even possible? lol) Legacy of the Dragonborn’s questline.
  • Skyrim Mods: Qaxe’s Questorium – I’ve always wanted to play this one, but I started modding after it was removed from the Nexus, so doubt I’ll ever get the chance; currently watching through this and it has been a riot
  • Skyrim Mods: The Shire – I don’t think I’ll ever play this mod, but this video is the next one on my list to watch!

Odysseus Gaming puts out some really great mod showcase videos, with no talking, but some great music, letting the mods truly speak for themselves. I like to put them on while I work on my modlists; both for the relaxing music, and also for some inspiration!

Here are some of their latest videos (as of April 2022):

Mern is a YouTuber that has a lot of energy and some really fun videos. Not one I usually have in the background, like some others on this list, but one that I watch when I’m more focused and not looking for a relaxing mod showcase. Warning: hijinks and memes abound! Some playlists and recent videos include (as of June 2022):

While I don’t really use other people’s builds in Skyrim, I thoroughly enjoy the extensive backstories that FudgeMuppet gives to the characters in their build videos. I am fairly new to the Elder Scrolls universe, but I enjoy learning all about the various provinces and the vast history and lore of Tamriel. You can tell they spent a lot of time creating the backstory, not to mention how well they are tied into the actual build themselves. They are still releasing videos (mostly focusing on lore in the Elder Scrolls world and definitely worth checking out), but their Skyrim Build series is quite old, and yet I think still a good watch. Here are just some from this playlist of builds:

Shirley Curry, the Skyrim Grandma herself, is one of the most wholesome things to ever come out of the Skyrim community. Not only are her videos and playthroughs fun to watch, but there is even now a follower mod where she can join your Dragonborn on their journey! Shirley has had some health issues recently, but we wish her all the best and hope she can continue to have some wonderful adventures in Skyrim. 

Here are some of the characters she has created and done some videos with:

DroppedIceCream is one that was suggested to me on my Reddit post, and while I haven’t had much of a chance to watch their videos, they seem to have some great ones about modding in general, and some Wabbajack list reviews:

While JuiceHead has many videos focusing on Fallout and other games, there are a few playlists that focus on Skyrim modding. Here are some of the ones that I have on my to-watch list:

A relatively new and still mostly undiscovered YouTuber, Doctor Nostalgia may not have a lot of videos, but they are well done:

MxR has two channels, MxR Mods has Mod reviews and MxR Plays has Let’s Plays (one of the longest running mod reviewers; can get quite humorously raunchy)

Also, potasticpanda (AKA the creator/voice of Recorder) is his girlfriend and is often featured on his videos

Some Recent Videos:

Twitch Streamers

Since I started this website, I discovered (late to the party as ever) Twitch and the streamers and their glorious communities there. While the majority of my time on Twitch is spent watching ESO streamers, there are some great streamers from the Skyrim community, from those doing playthroughs to those creating YouTube video tutorials to those creating mods themselves. Here are some of the streamers I enjoy watching (please suggest more on the Discord!):

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